Introducing LUXE

Our Commitment to You
Same Quality, New Formulation
A Complete line of REACH Compliant Ink
Perma Blend LUXE
EU/REACH Compliant Pigments, now available in the United States.
Luxe Toasted Almond BrowsLUXE - Toasted Almond
Luxe Coffee BrowsLUXE - Coffee
Luxe Navel Orange ModifierLUXE - Navel Orange
Luxe Barely Brown BrowsLUXE - Barely Brown
Luxe Mahogany BrowsLUXE - Mahogany
Luxe Cotton Candy ModifierLUXE - Cotton Candy
Luxe Cranberry LipsLUXE - Cranberry
Luxe Victorian Rose LipsLUXE - Victorian Rose
There are always going to be changes in the industry, but we're really proud we got to this moment.

Be In The Know With LUXE

Perma Blend LUXE is here!

Learn more about what makes our new LUXE line special and stands above the rest.

Same Quality Ink, Different Ingredients

With new REACH regulations going into effect early 2022, we set out to create a new line of compliant products under the same rigorous high-quality standards you expect from Perma Blend. 

We're excited to introduce LUXE, a full color array of premium pigments.
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Always A Step Ahead

As a global manufacturer, we made it our top priority to create a REACH compliant product that exceeds regulatory standards. 

We wanted to ensure our European artists could continue revolutionizing the PMU industry with the same high quality inks they've come to love.
Manufactured adhering to the ISO 13485 quality control system.
Color calibrated for accuracy.
Vigorously tested for micro concerns throughout the entire manufacturing process.
Tested by world renowned artists for performance, color clarity & ease of use.
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Instructions For Use
  1. Open Safety Seal from bottle 

  2. Shake bottle before opening 

  3. Open cap 

  4. Pour ink into a disposable ink cup 

  5. Close cap 

  6. Cleanse skin 

  7. Apply ink into the skin with a permanent makeup machine and permanent makeup needles 

  8. Cleanse skin 

  • Keep bottle out of direct sunlight 

  • Keep at room temperature 

  • Keep out of reach of children 


  • Throw away 12 months after opening 

  • DO NOT pour unused ink back into the bottle 

  • Ink may be mixed with shading solutions, color enhancer, or other brand products 


How do we know that the classic line is still safe? 
Our products are confronted daily with rigorous testing. We cover everything, including performance testing and critical details, such as the presence of micro and heavy metals.  
Why do different countries have different regulations?
Laws vary from location to location due to the differing structures in legislation. It is impossible to expect every country to abide by the same laws since each legislation is drafted from a diversified set of guidelines. We adopt to all of the markets we supply and assess all regulations as a whole, in order to produce a product that satisfies all global regulations.
Why does the US not follow EU standards?
United States and European laws are entirely different. Generally, the basis of the EU legislation in relation to the manufacturing of tattoo and PMU inks, is directed towards the use of restricted substances. There are more than 1,300 banned substances and ingredients. On the other hand, the United States regulations are focused mainly on advance proven safety, while still allowing the use of certain products.
Will I be able to buy the EU line in non-EU countries?
For the launch, LUXE will be exclusively sold in the EU to our artists in need of immediate relief. However, since LUXE meets both US and global standards, we'll offer it globally once our European artists have been fully supported.
Will there be color differences between the two lines? 
Yes, the colors are different because the pigments are different. LUXE is an entirely new formulation that meets the same exact standards of our classic line, but created with ingredients that adhere to the new European regulation. 
Will the entire Perma Blend line be available in the new LUXE line? 
Thats our plan! We collaborated with our artists in the Eu to launch with the most in-demand colors. We'll continue to expand the assortment to meet the needs of the region.
When can we expect more colors from the LUXE line? 
We will be releasing new colors as they are created and gradually introducing them into the new line. We run a battery of tests on each pigment before they are released. This helps us ensure that everything meets our rigorous standards before the release of future additions to LUXE.

Be In The Know With LUXE

Superior Quality

We closely monitor our products using the following quality management systems: 

• ISO 13485 Certified Quality Management System 
• Our quality policy 
• Color calibration

Essential Elements

All ingredients and materials used throughout the duration of our product manufacturing are monitored through on-going product, purity & quality testing on individual ingredients, as well as in-vitro testing on the finished products.

During our process, we test over 4,000 substances to guarantee the erasure of the following impurities: heavy metals, amines, and PAHS.

High Standards

Our manufacturing standards surpass the current ones in place within the international global industry.

We evolve as technology evolves, assuring our pigments are of the highest quality, safety compliant to all global regulations, and the leading performing products available within the market.

Lou Rubino - Founder of World Famous & Perma Blend

"As we are artists ourselves...we are focused on ensuring our formulations meet the highest standards for quality & safety wherever they are sold. As each country develops their own new standards, we are committed to evolving to comply. This process is ongoing, & we are committed to working as quickly & as thoroughly as possible."

A Message from Anne Marie and Lou Rubino

Original Message to Distributors
With over 50 years of experience in the tattoo industry, Perma Blend has proven passion for making premier products manufactured with the safest, cleanest, and highest quality ingredients for the benefit of our clients around the world. Perma Blend works every day to comply with the regulations of every country in which our products are sold. 

We are thrilled to announce the Perma Blend Luxe line of products. These are completely new lines of colors across the spectrum of the most sought-after shades used by the world’s most in-demand artists. As part of our constant quest for promoting excellence and safety in the industry, Perma Blend is committed to ensuring the new line meets all new European Union (EU) requirements per regulations established by REACH. We will continually be adding to the line during the year. 

“As we are artists ourselves, we take seriously our responsibility to ensure the safety of our products,” said Lou Rubino, founder of Perma Blend. “We are focused on ensuring our formulations meet the highest standards for quality and safety wherever they are sold. As each country develops their own new standards, Perma Blend is committed to evolving to comply. This process is ongoing, and we are committed to working as quickly and as thoroughly as possible to ensure our products meet the highest quality standards that our customers and artists expect from us.”  

The new Perma Blend Luxe line will comply with the new EU standards and are intended for global market distribution and usage. 

We will begin shipping Perma Blend Luxe products to our  European distributors in the fourth quarter of 2021 and available for worldwide distribution in early 2022. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us, we want to make this transition as smooth as possible.

If you do have questions, please contact customer service.

Anne Marie Rubino – Brand Director
Lou Rubino – Founder