SPCP and the Young Professional

SPCP and the Young Professional

Most of you already know about the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals, or have heard of the SPCP, but really have no idea what it is, what it’s about, or better yet, what it can do for you.  

Briefly, the SPCP is a nonprofit membership organization that prides itself in providing affordable education, credentialing, and credibility for its members, and equally important, it sets industry standards to improve and protect the permanent cosmetic industry. 

So how does this benefit you, the young professional?   As a fellow young professional, I know the value of something I invest in matters  I also know it is not always about what will I get out of this, but it’s also about how will this contribute to the greater good?  That is one of the biggest points I try to express when I talk about the SPCP; what it does for the permanent cosmetic industry, and why this should matter to you, the young professional.  

So here we are.  As I stated earlier, the SPCP sets the standards and guidelines for the industry, protecting the integrity with all its might.  We have all seen what the effects of undertrained technicians has done to the PC industry, and yes, this includes microblading (microblading is still permanent makeup).  Those of you that have not received adequate training understand this also and have expressed the frustration with the training programs that have not properly equipped you for the PC world.   Requiring members who teach beginners to teach a minimum number of hours is one way to combat this problem.  The fewer undertrained technicians there are in the industry, the less of a poor stigma it will have as those viral social media posts about botched work will decrease, giving the public more confidence about PC.  The greater good.  

The SPCP is the voice of the industry, working with national agencies through memberships and committee participation such as the Body Art Education Alliance, and the assistance with the National Environmental Health Association’s Body Arts Model Code.  Why is this important?  Because when your local health department sets regulations in place, or updates their regulations, they are going to look at the BAMC, which may directly affect you and your business.  The SPCP helps set ethical and professional standards, while also protecting the PC professional’s best interest.  Again, the greater good.  

Young Professionals Committee – The SPCP has developed the YPC and invite all young professional members to be a part of this committee.  I feel this is one of our most important committees of the SPCP and would love to see it grow.  The young professionals are essential to the continued development and growth of the PC industry.  We value their ideas, their drive, and their love for knowledge.  They are the future of the industry, and the YPC will help guide the SPCP into that future.  

Alright, now let’s get to the part of the value of your SPCP membership.

  • SPCP Quarterly & PC Buzz – The SPCP supports its members through regular communication and education.  The SPCP Quarterly is an online magazine, with highly educational articles, videos, currently industry information and updates.  The PC Buzz is a monthly eNewsletter written by a different SPCP board member each month.
  • Member Discounts – Many of our supplier members offer discounts to SPCP members.   Members also receive a discounted rate at our educational events, new online learning portal, and the CPCP exam and renewal.  The SPCP has a variety of member benefits programs also such as an advertising eblast service, supplemental medical insurance and credit card processing.
  • Subject Mater Experts – Many of the SPCP trainer members have volunteered to assist technician members with questions related to PC. These SMEs have been in the industry a minimum of 5 years and have passed the CPCP exam, making them true experts in their field.  
  • Technician Referral Program – The SPCP has a listing service for qualified technician members, who are exclusively referred to those who contact the office for recommendations.  
  • Marketing Materials – Members have use of the SPCP logos confirming to their clients they belong to a professional organization as well as can find a host of materials to help promote their businesses.  Clients generally will choose those with professional affiliations.
  • Lifetime Membership – SPCP Members who have been a member for 10 consecutive years can take advantage of the Lifetime Membership option, allowing them to never pay dues again! 
  • Legislation Assistance – Society members are available to assist with legislation, publicity, and other business-related questions.  Regulators work with local constituents and SPCP will support with review of requirements and support letters.  
  • Members Area- The members-only section of the spcp.org website has past issues of the SPCP Quarterly, PC Buzz. There are SPCP logos, special discounts, educational materials and more! 
  • Setting you apart – Members agree to the Code of Ethics, holding them to high standard, showing your clients you hold yourself to a high ethical standard.  

By supporting the SPCP with your membership, you are investing in your professional development, connections, and the permanent cosmetic industry.  The only requirement for membership is to agree to and abide by the SPCP Code of Ethics, that’s it! 

SPCP is now offering an affordable payment option of only $29/month.  Join online at www.spcp.org/join.  We hope you will join us in our continued mission to bettering the PC industry while advancing your career in permanent cosmetics!   

Most of you already know about the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals, or have heard of the SPCP, but really have no idea what it is, what it’s about, or better yet, what it can do for you.   Briefly, the SPCP is a nonprofit membership organization that...