Our Instagram Live Experience

Our Instagram Live Experience

We had such an amazing time talking about the I ❤️️ Ink Collection, learning more about the process of how it was created, and the background of permanent makeup experts, Ann Marie Rubino and Tina Davies. With shared integrity and passion for the permanent makeup industry, it’s no wonder the I Heart Ink Collection has been so successful! We want to share our appreciation with all the permanent makeup artists who tuned in for this live event and also talk about some key points of the Q & A Live itself.

How did this collaboration come together? There was a need in the industry for more reliable pigments that provided clients with more natural-appearing results. While Tina was searching for alternative options she was informed about World Famous Tattoo Ink and how their colors lasted longer than other brands, so she contacted Lou Rubino and was connected with Ann Marie Rubino, from there they took their mutual passion for artist-driven pigments and formed the I ❤️️ Ink Collection.

The secret to the successful pigments? The I Heart Ink Collection provides variety for every skin type while also aging true to color. What viewers enjoyed the most about this Q & A was being able to experience a candid behind the scenes look at how the collection was created. They explained during the live video that artists truly know the success of their pigments at the two-year mark and were ecstatic to learn the I ❤️️ Ink Collection is as popular today as when it was first released.

Thank you to everyone who tuned in, we appreciate all of your questions. and for those who haven’t seen it yet – good news! It’s on our YouTube channel so you can still stop by our page and check it out.

In this exclusive Instagram Live, Anne-Marie Rubino and Tina Davies celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of the I ❤️ INK Collection. You will hear first-hand their personal experiences in the industry, what makes Perma Blend pigments last, and the most anticipated questions from our community.