Kristina Melnicenco

Starline Set

With this collection, you can create any liner imaginable.

Starline - Pretty ...

Soft brown, great for soft looking liners that heal very naturally.

Starline - Shading...

Slightly thickens the pigment, while also lessening the pigment load.

Starline - Strong ...

Super concentrated carbon-based, a good choice for a bold liner.

Starline - Safe Black

Iron oxide black good for work on thin, mature or very vascular eyelids.

Starline - Soft Ef...

This is Kristina’s color choice when it comes to the finest transition in the shaded liner.

Starline - Orange ...

This is used to warm up blacks and dark browns if needed.

Starline - Rich Brown

Deep brown, great for transitioning from black to softer brown and great for bottom liner.

Starline - Green P...

Soft green, also an excellent accent color.

Starline -Purple Wish

For those who want more of a brighter look. Beautiful with brown, blue or green eyes.

Starline - Soft Black

Carbon-based, a great choice for the shaded liner techniques.

Starline - Aquamarine

A light blue that can be a great accent color.