Our Difference

Redefining The Standard

At Perma Blend, we’ve helped PMU artists everywhere enhance countless lives around the world. We’re committed to your artistry; that’s why we provide a higher standard of pigments and products using exemplary manufacturing, proven expertise, reliable performance, and innovative development designed to help you deliver results that are as unique and vibrant as every client that walks through your door.
It Starts with Quality
Quality and safety are at the foundation of what we do; that’s why we’re the only company in the US with an ISO 13485 medical device level certification to ensure your results are as safe as they are breathtaking. Following FDA GMP and strict EU guidelines, we settle for nothing but the best, because that’s what PMU artists and their clients deserve. Our safety protocols far exceed the standards of US, Canadian, and European certifications and the transparency around the premium ingredients we use provides reassurance that the types of products you use are always true to the label.
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Beyond Expertise
Perma Blend brings the best practices and learnings from over 30 years in the tattoo industry to produce breakthrough pigments for professional PMU artists. Our rich understanding of color theory and skin tones allows us to provide unmatched pigments and treatment products, in addition to educational resources that help PMU artists advance their careers. Perma Blend is used by thousands of artists across the globe, and as a proven professional resource we’re always here to ensure everyone gets the most out of our pigments and products.
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Performance You Can Trust
Our highly concentrated pigments set the industry standard for unmatched performance, longer lasting results, and colors that fade into the natural looks your clients desire. And with less touch ups required, you can help minimize trauma and promote healing so you can feel confident that you’ve made the right choice for your client. Plus, we offer a full line of moisturizing, nourishing after care treatments—Perma Care—made with natural ingredients to ensure the best possible results.
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Innovation for Everyone
With a selection of over 200 different pigments to choose from, we are constantly introducing new ideas and innovating for the future to provide products designed to consistently match the needs of your clients. We keep a close pulse on the industry, collaborating and listening to artists and distributors at every level so that our pigments and products create something essential that wasn’t there before. With customized pigments for every type of procedure –including eyebrows, liner, lips, areola, scalp, scars, and more – Perma Blend is your partner in providing an array of affordable solutions to help grow your clientele.
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